Genetics Courses(4.18)
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Genetics Courses(4.18)

Genetics Topics at HZAU

Course Description:

This course discusses the fundamental topics of general genetics, including those in Mendelian genetics, cytogenetics, and molecular genetics. Special emphasis is given to understanding genetics concepts, principles, and genetic analysis methods through discussions. Students attending this class are expected to have completed at least one general genetics course.

Tentative Topics:

1. Introduction to genetics and chromosomal basis of heredity

2. Medelian genetics and deviations

3. Linkage and chromosome mapping

4. Chromosome structure and mutations

5. DNA, RNA, genes, and chromosomes

6. Gene expression: transcription and translation

7. Gene mutation, DNA repair, and transposition

8. Recombinant DNA, genetic engineering, and biotechnology

9. Genomics and bioinformatics