Research Interests
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Concerns with natural resource shortage, energy crisis and globe warming have been seriously issued over the world and biomass applications have been increasingly considered for the partial energy supply and environmental protection. As the economy is developing rapidly in China, we have to face the challenge for the enormous energy demand. Therefore, developing biofuels becomes a long-term strategy for satisfying the need of energy in China.

HZAU Biomass and Bioenergy Research Centre

To promote the related research on energy bioscience, Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU) has founded Biomass and BioEnergy Research Center (BBRC) in March 2008. More than 30 faculty members have joined the Center from eight Institutions of the University. An extensive research was proposed in the Center: (1) Plant cell wall biosynthesis and biomass biochemistry; (2) Energy crop genetics and breeding; (3) Biomass de-polymerization and biofuel process.

Hard work , Independent work , Team work